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Upholstery Nyc Once you’ve decided that you want new upholstery to create a new look for your armchairs, couch, and dining room chairs, you may be puzzled at where to begin. Obviously you don’t want the same old upholstery, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking your furniture to Dreams Upholstery & Draperies in NYC. It’s important to take time making your decision, rather than being hasty about it. You can attractive upholstery that matches your room decor, and that is durable and comfortable.
Here are some tips on how to choose new upholstery in NYC, so you can create the best look for your room.
1. New furniture or new room? Will you just be updating the look of your furniture, or redoing your entire room? If you’re redoing your entire interior design theme, you have more options.
2. Consider the purpose of the furniture. Will it be merely a decorative piece that sits in the focal point of a room, or is it something the kids are going to be jumping all over every day? You may opt for a more expensive and luxurious fabric for formal occasions, while you may wish to have a soft plush fabric if you’re going to be spending a lot of time lounging on it.
3. Consider existing colors. Contrasting colors is a popular method of interior design nowadays, but you don’t want colors to clash either. Stick to no more than three main colors, not including walls or natural wood colors. You can view a color wheel online and then choose colors at opposite ends of the scale for good color matching and balance.
4. Do you have pets? You may not wish to order a type of fabric that pet hair will cling to, or be noticeable. If you have cats that like to scratch, a plush velour fabric may be better, so it won’t be as noticeable if kitty enjoys it too.
5. Consider durability. Do you want your couch to last a long time? You may not wish to select upholstered fabrics that have intricate embroidery or designs that may fray or wear down over time. You may wish to choose leather or vinyl, keeping in mind that vinyl can crack and chip after a year or so, and is much harder to repair than leather is.
6. Take photographs of your room. These photos can help you when you are at the upholstery in NYC business choosing your new upholstery fabric. Photographs can provide a good guideline to helping you decide.
You can compare the swatches to see which ones will look best in your room. The business can also help you out in this area, as they are the upholstery professionals.
You’ll want to take your decision seriously when choosing your new upholstery in NYC, because once it’s done, there are no do-overs, unless you want to pay double for the service. If you choose Dreams Upholstery and Draperies, they can help to achieve your interior design goals.  Upholstery Nyc
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